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We Build Confidence.

Landmark has earned a reputation as a value-driven, dependable and trustworthy builder with an unwavering commitment to deliver what we promise. We build confidence every day by continually meeting and exceeding the goals of our valued customers.

Landmark History

When Paul Stephens founded Landmark Builders in 1975, he was determined to make his company “the preferred builder that consistently delivers what is promised.” His principles of integrity, dependability, and a disciplined work ethic paved the way for Landmark to become one of the most trusted and respected companies in the Southeast.

The ownership group of Landmark is comprised of: Steve Stephens, President; Sam Stephens, Executive Vice President; Tom Gibbs, Executive Vice President; Randy Elliott, Vice President of Project Development; and Dave Bohlmann, Vice President of Construction. Together, with the support of a dedicated team of employees, they have worked to solidify the Landmark reputation as a well-managed company that continues to meet and exceed the goals of its founder.

Landmark Experience

Behind every Landmark project stands a team of experts - people with the experience and knowledge to bring an architectural vision to life.

Above all else, construction is a business of relationships - a truth that has been at the heart of every service we provide for our clients since our founding in 1975. It's a business we know well, and as we continue to challenge the bounds of innovation, we invite you to explore for yourself how we build confidence.

Recent News


Landmark Starts Demo on “The Shop” in Charlotte

We have started demolition at 1100 N. Graham in Charlotte, NC. This transformative project is known as “The Shop”, and will be 40,000 square feet of creative commercial space. Read more:...

UNIFI Global Innovation Project Phase I Complete, Onto Phase II

Phase II of the UNIFI Global Innovation Project has started and consists of a nearly 5,000 SF complete renovation of the employee break area.

Making Progress at 605 Lexington Ave in Charlotte

This 3-story multi-tenant office building located in midtown Charlotte is making excellent progress. The project will total 21,000 square feet with third floor common space and an outside terrace.